The Truth


To tell you the truth I find some things a little bit annoying.

1)FRENCH MANICURE:I'm sorry girls,I just don't get it.
I find it disgusting that a single glance of french manicured nails makes me think that underneath the "clean cut"look something really dirty and ugly finds the space to hide.
2)FAKE LV's:I know it's fake.You know it's fake.But for some reason only you can think of,you buy it.Why??Buy a Zara bag instead,it won't make you look
poorer or cheaper.In contrast a fake louis will.
3)REAL LV's{the queen monogram}:I know it's real.You know it's real.Everybody knows it.And that makes it what excactly?
4)PUSH-UP BRA:If your point is that you want men to pay attention to you,I would like to inform you first of all that most men are not morons.Even my friend Aris can tell if you wear a push-up bra{I think so-if he doesn't get TOO excited}.
If the point is fashion,nice try,you've just failed.If the point is women
I m sure i've never heard of a woman wispering:"hey take a look of a pair of two gorgeous boobs in a push up bra."
Or maybe I m just weird.
5)VINTAGE:Let's get it straight.I enjoy shopping vintage clothes.I don't ADORE vintage but I like some pieces very much and when i m wearing them,i try to look like my age and like I m living in 2010{reality}.Can someone tells me what's the excact meaning of looking like a hippie straight away from the stage where jimi had just performed in woodstock?That was in '69!
It's not my problem again,I know.I'm not better,I know that too.Something as an answer now?
6)BAD HAIR EXTENTIONS{worse:blonde-yellow hair extensions.THE WORST:blonde-yellow straight hair extentions when you have curly hair and you don't want to straighten them}:you look like you have long extentions not like you have long hair.
7)TOO MUCH MAKE UP:you want me to explain that?Really?
8)WHITE HIGH HEELS:that's personal.I can't clearly see the point when you have to choose from high heels in so many colours ,why you choose white.If you are a bride,that's your problem.
9)LEGGINGS WORN AS TROUSERS:even a model's body can look better in something else.
What in the earth makes you think that you look good in leggings and a plain t-shirt?They are leggings,they are not trousers.Please wear them as leggings.With something hiding your ass.If you are a pole dancer or you are in gym,they look good.
10)TRYING TOO MUCH:You are probably beautiful so stop trying too much and get rid of those white heels!

{Last ten hours obsessed with this song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_atFMCUJ1o}

silk cardigan:some label from brazil with the softest silk you've ever worn
trousers:ilaria nistri


  1. yes is the truth,you're a pleasure for everybody's eyes,like your elegance,you shown very well is not a money value,completely agree with the point 1 and 4,my 1st look in a woman are nails,i hate it the long ones.

  2. yeah,Dlife,I didn't write about long nails because I want to believe we all agree!:)
    And I deeply believe that the inside out beauty has al ittle to do with money.
    And let them call us romantics..

  3. the third picture!!!!WOW!!!You are a natural girl!!!!Absolutely LOVE your face!
    You 've got a new follower!

  4. I totally love it, and I have to say I agree. :-)

    Maryjane xoxo

  5. i totally agree with you...these are pretty much the things i m telling my friends all the time about styling mistakes in my point of view...especially the leggings obsession by girls not having the proper ass for that makes me wonder "doesn t she have a mother or sister to tell her 'no, this isn t for you!!!"?????