Queen Calliope

This is one of the great caftans Calliope designs for her-almost newborn- label Queen Calliope. Her site  is not ready yet, so if you want to take a look to some of her stuff visit her facebook page. Calliope is a great greek photographer but her love for anything that has to do with fashion and design made her create her own line which slowly except from the clothes, will have also objects for the house. Her style is very inspiring, especially to people like me who like anything ethnic, bohemian and anti- minimal. Go, take a look!

caftan: Queen Calliope
sandals: Minnetonka
bracelets: Nice Things, handmade


Tattoo Convention Athens 2012

 photo:Jimi Drosinos
photo: Theodore Manolopoulos

These photos are from Athen' s Tattoo Convention last weekend. Even though I don't have any tattoos because that way of expression doesn't suit me, I really find the art of tattooing impressive enough to bring me there.
This pair of see by chloe jeans I am wearing go nearly everywhere with me and the t-shirt was an extra addition of the last minute ;)

jeans:  See by Chloe
t-shirt: girl
hat: Twist & Tango
shoes: Zara
bag: Zara


Frou Frou Girls

Frou Frou Girls are Nassi Valvi and Elizabeth  Arvanitides. Beaytiful Nassia took some photos of me on my way to work. To see the rest and take a look at their work visit their facebook page ( their blog is under construction). The jumpsuit and the clogs I' m wearing are from Zara    ( sping/ summer 2011) and my hat is from twist' n' tango. I know I am always on hats but my hair are pretty wild to leave them act like they want to ... By the way, this jumpsuit is the only piece  I own that doesn't need ironing. PURE hapiness.
Have a nice weekend dudes!


Usual Suspenders


coma suspension is a suspension in which the hooks are placed in the chest, torso and legs, usually in two rows, such that the suspendee is lying face up. The name of this position comes from the similar imagery in the movie Coma.

dress:  vintage


Strange Brew

Photobucket Queen Calliope's s/s collection 2012 Photobucket Detail from my andersen & lauth dressPhotobucket Vintage bag, part of the stuff I'm collecting for my shop-to-be on etsy.com Photobucket
DNA stars <3 a="a" href="http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc505/marilooya/?action=view&current=wassup3.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket Me in front of my mirror in my living room


I Hope



                                                                    I HOPE

{I sound like those terrible quotes that are all over the internet, it's true}

photos from different sources



                                          photos by Theodore Manolopoulos (./TM)

This is my favourite pair of trousers I bought a year ago from h&m trend section. High waisted, comfortable and what else- black.  I have something with black trousers I can't explain. How did you all have something with pastels this year? Ok, I didn't. I had my issues with black. ( Unfortunately this collection from h&m is no longer available in Greece. It's a pitty if you think that was the only reason I kept going to -and cheap nail polish, ok, that too-). My cropped jacket is vintage. I mean I bought it like ten years ago, in my teens and it was already vintage, then I wore it as the years were passing by and it became vintagi-er and then I got bored of it ( the same old story) and that's the result. So, vintage, vintagier, vintagiest. Retard.

Oh.. I'm terrible sorry I hadn't mentioned my piece of art that makes my stomach goes tirl tirl ( ???). I bought my necklace some years ago from my favourite shop in Sifnos that my friend Corina owns,Oasis contemporary shop. It's handmade, has an ethnic feeling, it's huge, it's made out of ribbons. It's REALLY cool dude. And I am not the kind of person who find handmade stuff cool for no reason.

p.s. I am a badass in the first picture but that's because I am really bad.

cropped jeans jacket: vintage
trousers: h&m
shoes: zara
bag: balenciaga
hat: twist' n' tango

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